Quite a long while prior I had the benefit of doing a Q&A with Wayne Grudem. (I exceptionally suggest his books Systematic Theology and Bible Doctrine.) In this video, Wayne and I react to the inquiry, “Is it wrong for Christians to burn through cash on entertainment and leisure?”

As we partook in the video, Scripture says that God gives us material things “for our delight” (1 Timothy 6:17, NLT). At the point when I talk regarding the matter of cash and giving, I attempt to consistently underline that expression from Scripture and express how grateful I am for it, since it enables me to make the most of God’s creation without blame. I’m appreciative to have recreational things, including a bike and a tennis racket. Nanci and I spend sensible measures of cash on get-aways that aren’t “fundamental” however serve to restore us. She and I now and then go out to supper, improving our relationship. These things aren’t fundamental, yet they add to physical wellbeing and mental and passionate refreshment.

By God’s effortlessness, we’ve discovered we can give away my book sovereignties and a decent part of our optional salary, yet still have breathing space for authentic recreational spending (and what we keep still leaves us well off in correlation with a large portion of mankind). As I state in Money Possessions and Eternity, it’s not what you give but rather what you keep that decides your way of life, however giving ceaselessly a ton encourages what you keep to not lead you or be your godlike object.

I accept that as adherents, we ought to grapple with our very own riches in this materialistic, riches focused culture and looking to give more. We shouldn’t expect that since God has endowed this to us He plans for us to keep it. By grasping ways of life that free up cash, we can put resources into helping other people and encouraging the advancement of the gospel.

But then, the appropriate response isn’t plainness, accepting that cash and things are detestable. The scriptural view is that God has given to us in His creation an abundance of joys and solaces He wants us to appreciate, to His magnificence: “Along these lines, regardless of whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the brilliance of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). At the point when we venerate God as God, everything else becomes alright—and interests, sports, music, and entertainment would all be able to advance our lives as planned. (Lamentably, on the grounds that we’re fallen animals and don’t see plainly, we can concentrate our lives on generally authentic joys, transforming them into symbols. What’s more, a few “delights” and entertainment are undoubtedly hurtful and addictive.)

So how would we locate the correct harmony between the amount we give, and the amount we keep to use for our family’s needs, just as for God-regarding entertainment and delight? I accept the strain reflected in that question is sound. As we keep on developing in Christ, we devoutly assess and look for God’s direction. Be that as it may, may we generally be resolved to pursue His lead admirably well perceive it. Furthermore, in the interim, we ought to be mindful so as not to pass judgment on others, and envision ourselves superior to anything they are a direct result of our distinctive way of life decisions.

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