Both Leisure and Entertainment are terms used to depict one’s extra time or the way how one invests one’s free energy. Despite the fact that they seem comparable in their importance, a scarce difference can be drawn between them when depicting the settings of their use. The key contrast which can be recognized among leisure and entertainment is that entertainment can be characterized basically as the marvel of one being engaged by something though leisure can be the available time one uses to get engaged. Under the grammatical features in English sentence structure, entertainment can be ordered distinctly under things though leisure has a place with both the gatherings of things and the descriptive words.

I don’t get Entertainment’s meaning?

Entertainment is the thing type of action word to engage. Entertainment can be characterized as the time or the type of engaging or making somebody feel chipper by some charming movement. As depicted by Merriam Webster word reference, entertainment is the ‘demonstration of engaging’ or ‘delight or redirection gave particularly by entertainers, an employed band to give entertainment.’

I don’t get Leisure’s meaning?

Leisure is fundamentally is the extra time or when somebody can remain loose and take part in exercises which give satisfaction or entertainment to somebody. As portrayed in Merriam Webster lexicon, leisure is ‘the opportunity gave by the discontinuance of exercises, particularly time free from work or obligations.’ Moreover, the definition gave by the Oxford word reference clarifies leisure as ‘utilization of one’s extra time to pleasure’ or ‘opportunity offered by spare time to accomplish something.’

Along these lines, leisure isn’t fundamentally about being delighted in like in entertainment. It is the available time one can use to participate in the exercises they lean toward either for entertainment purposes or for different purposes. This is the place in any event, resting goes under a leisure action. Be that as it may, leisure time is utilized by the vast majority for their entertainment.

Leisure can be utilized both as a thing and just as a descriptive word, not at all like entertainment which can inky be utilized as a thing. Think about the given models;

I will attempt to complete this assignment at my leisure time (leisure is utilized as a descriptive word)

He utilized his leisure profitably, captivating in dispersing his insight through composition. (leisure is utilized as a thing)

What are the Similarities Between Leisure and Entertainment?

Both leisure and entertainment can be utilized to depict the condition of being glad and loose

Both have a place with the classification of things in English syntax

Both can be utilized to give delight or happiness to somebody

Rundown – Leisure versus Entertainment

Both leisure and entertainment can be utilized to make somebody feel delighted and chipper. Leisure can be utilized for different kinds of exercises too, which may give entertainment or not give entertainment to somebody though, entertainment principally depends on giving entertainment to somebody. This can be distinguished as the distinction among leisure and entertainment.

Additionally, Oxford word reference characterizes entertainment as ‘the activity of giving or being given by beguilement or happiness.’ Thus, entertainment is frequently some cheerful or interesting thing gave to somebody by either an outsider or now and then cultivated by a similar individual and it makes the individual who gets engaged remembered from pressure or diverted from unpleasant things throughout everyday life. There are different types of entertainment, for example, dinners, music, exhibitions, games, perusing, theater, moving, and so forth., which has existed since the commencement of humanity.

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